Recently, to accommodate growing demand, we raised
our capabilities to the next level; the ultra-critical tolerance
machining of large parts. FKI has invested heavily in a
temperature controlled building... its fourth... to house a
new DIXI DHP 80 Swiss horizontal machining center and
a complementing Coordinate Measuring Machine. This
facility has been significantly upgraded in order to maintain
the ultra critical tolerances required for the very complex
components produced by the DIXI DHP 80.

To balance out our capabilities, FKI utilizes the latest
CNCVerticle/Horizontal milling and turning equipment
capable of achieving tolerances of up to +/-.0001. Our
operators are not only craftsmen skilled in the use of this
equipment, but also understand what to expect from the
metal alloys they work with.

In addition to our CNC equipment, FKI utilizes Autocad 2002
and Shop Cam programming to compliment our capabilities.
To facilitate JIT delivery all jobs are scheduled and tracked
by Job BOSS, a software program that simultaneously
organizes hundreds of jobs and allows instant information on
job status. To further assure that all jobs proceed with the
utmost efficiency, computer stations throughout the
company are networked for commonality and access of
information. To continuously maintain the highest standard
of excellence, FKI rigidly adheres to one standard of
excellence that permeates all facets of our company.
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