The Technology Of The Future Is Already At Work At FKI.
We Are Ready To Make It Work For You.

FKI started its business on Long Island in 1952. It has always
been a family owned business dedicated to the manufacture
of superior quality, precision instrument parts. In the early days,
FKI operated as a small job shop producing high quality
precision components for a select number of customers that
required a high level of precision machining.

Obviously, there have been vast changes in our industry since
those days, and FKI has changed with the times. Today, our
enlarged headquarters and expanded manufacturing facilities
are solidly established in Clearwater, Florida. And the company
remains focused on product quality, excellence and customer
satisfaction... characteristics that have served our customers
well over the years and are the hallmark of our success.

At FKI, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated employees
are at the heart of the company's success. As a team, they work
with their customers to identify real needs, then make certain
those needs get top priority. Through the years, teamwork has
consistently produced the finest quality products more efficiently
and economically than our competitors, and propelled FKI to a
leadership role in industry. To assure that we maintain our
leadership role, FKI continues to expand and upgrade both its
capabilities and facilities.

FK Instrument Co., Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015
Registered company.