Question & Answers

(1) Can a facility as large as your be competitive with some of the smaller       shops?

     Answer--- Yes. If the customer demands quality we are competitive.
     We are an ISO certified facility which means that we adhere to a very      strict quality policy. Our manufacturing process assures a consistent      quality product that we guarantee to meet customer requirements. Our      facility has a wide range of shop rates depending on the machine center      utilized and the different avenues the component must follow. This      structure allows us to isolate cost and be competitive.

(2) What are the biggest component you can machine and the smallest?

      Answer--- Our facility is capable of handling parts as large as 50"       cube and as small as .25".

(3) What is our average run quantity for each job?

     Answer--- Our average run quantity and the most economical for our      facility varies depending on products but is usually between 100 to 500      parts.

(4) Do you offer engineering services?

     Answer---Yes. We have an engineering department equipped with the      latest software packages that can help design your products, develop      drawings and value engineer for manufacturing.